Some Points to Understand about Pirate Trends

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The pirate trends have gained huge popularity today without any second thought. Some special themed events are organized today based on these trends. There are some points to understand about these trends:

  1. The major source of the pirate trends is the Caribbean pirate culture of the renaissance age. There was the golden age of piracy also, when the piracy was at the peak in the renaissance age.
  2. There were both male and female pirates active in the Caribbean Sea. The famous male pirates included John “Calico Jack” Rackham, Edward Teach “Blackbeard”, Charles Vane, Bartholomew Roberts “Black Bart” and more. On the other hand, the female raiders of the Caribbean Sea were Grace O’Malley, Anne Bonny and Mary Read.
  3. A number of films and games have been composed on the Caribbean piracy. Pirates of the Caribbean film series is the best example in this regard.
  4. A large number of pirate clothing trends of the market today are based on the historical Caribbean pirates and the fictional raiders of the films.
  5. Apart from the Caribbean Sea, there were several other places also, where the swashbucklers were active.
  6. China was the most famous place apart from the western society, which faced the piracy. The number of raiders in China was even more than that of the western society. Around 5500 pirates are estimated in the western world as compared to 7000 of China.
  7. Ching Shih, Zheng Yi Sao and Cheung Po Tsai were some famous names of the raiders in China. Ching Shih (wife of Zheng Yi) was the strongest pirate of the world, who defeated the Portuguese, Chinese and English forces via her largest pirate navy.
  8. The pirate clothing in the styles of these Chinese swashbucklers have started being manufactured in the market.
  9. Some other raiders, such as Vikings and Mediterranean pirates were also famous in the swashbuckler world.

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