Get Practical Information about Past in Renaissance Festivals

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Priate Costume Renaissance FestivalRenaissance age is the period, which has attracted the attention of a lot of writers in the recent times. A number of books have been written on this period, wherefrom you can acquire information about that golden era of Europe. But, you can get the chance to obtain the practical knowledge about that era, if you visit the renaissance festivals. In these festivals, you can practically see events and lifestyles of the people of the renaissance and medieval age.

For instance, jousters in medieval costumes remain the special allure in the fests. One jouster hits other with lance and gives the demonstration of the warfare of the past. Besides, demo of the knighting ceremonies also takes place, and the people conferring knighthood can be witnessed. In addition, music performances, one-act plays of Shakespeare and a number of other entertainment activities provide a great fun to the visitors.

On the other hand, various activities of the daily life in renaissance age are also demonstrated, which take us to the dream land, where 16th century is still going on. We feel like real time travel to that era. Blacksmithing, woodworking, leather working, pottery, glass bowing, and many other occupations, which the people of that era would use for their livelihood, remain the special allure.

Before going to the festival, it will be a wonderful idea if you read some appropriate paperback in order to acquire information about that golden era of Europe. There are a plenty of books on this subject in the market, among which you can select as per your choice. “Daily Life in Renaissance Italy” by Elizabeth S. Cohen and Thomas V. Cohen is a recommended book, which visitors can read prior from going to the faire. It is a known fact that the renaissance began from Italy wherefrom it spread throughout Europe. The aforementioned book presents the way of living of European people during that time. People’s occupations have been explained wonderfully. If you visit the festival after reading this book, then you can have complete fun by making the comparison between your bookish knowledge and the practical information which you will acquire through the fest.

Another attraction of this festival remains the people wearing the flamboyant renaissance costumes. During this era, people’s artistic instincts awakened and they started wearing the showy outfits instead of natural-style clothing. Such dresses have become the fashion statements in the recent times. On the other hand, some pirate events can also be seen, and a number of people visit there in the pirate costumes. Such festivals are really the perfect blend of entertainment and education.

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