Profession of Piracy Was Not the Male’s Monopoly

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Profession of Piracy Was Not the Male’s Monopoly

Long ago in the history, people started plundering the ships on the coasts of Mediterranean, when they felt unable to find enough resources of livelihood through fishing. Later on, it became the profession of a number of people, and over time it spread in various parts of the world. This outlaw profession could not be limited to men only, and some females also adopted it with a great fascination. Mary Read, Anny Bonny and Ching Shih etc., were some of the famous female raiders in history.

Anne Bonny and Mary Read were two famous pirates in the same crew. The popularity of these two female raiders can be guessed with the fact that they got the place in the book “A General History of Pyrates”. This book is a wonderful document for the history of raiders of the western world. Anne Bonny joined the profession of piracy after getting involved in the affair with the captain of the crew – Calico Jack. She was of the pirate temperament since her childhood. She had stabbed a servant in the age of 13. On the other hand, Mary Read was forced to become a freebooter, but she worked as a pirate with complete loyalty rest of her life.

On the other hand, Ching Shih was a Chinese pirate, who captioned the crew after the death of her husband. She seems to be different from other raiders in various aspects. She set some rules for her crew. For instance, the crew member who would rape a female prisoner or would loot the city which had paid the tribute would be beheaded and the head would be dumped in the ocean. We read the names of some other female raiders also in history.

This is one of the reasons why the pirate clothing is liked by a large number of females also. Pirate skirts, pants, gowns, boots and other dresses are very famous these days. You can see a lot of women wearing these dresses in the pirate festivals and other themed events. Such costumes provide them a funky looks. It will not be wrong to say that some girls look much sweeter in the pirate clothes than they look in decent costumes. is best example of all pirate costumes.

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