Read Detailed Account of Mary Read’s Life in the Book of Cherry Pughs

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There is no doubt that reading someone’s biography provides the interest that we usually find in a novel or a story. The difference is that we read the real life accounts when we read the biographies, on the contrary of novels (except some novels based on the historical themes). In addition, we find the opportunity to understand someone’s experiences while reading the life histories of personalities.

The life histories of both positive and negative characters of history are available in the market. Interestingly, the biographies of some freebooters of renaissance and medieval eras can also be found in the market of the paperbacks. These paperbacks play a significant role in providing the ideas  to the fashion industry for the manufacture of pirate shirts, skirts, pants and other dresses, which are famous in a wide range of people. “A General History of Pyrates” written by Denial Defoe was published in Britain in 1724, which is one of the books written on accounts of the freebooters. It is the primary source of information for the life histories of a number of sea rovers.

But, the accounts of freebooters written in the abovementioned book are very brief. So, a number of authors researched on the detailed life accounts of the raiders. “Mary Read: Sailor, Soldier, Pirate” written by Cherry Pughs is one of the perfect examples this regard. This is the detailed life sketch of a famous female freebooter Mary Read, written in the first person narrative. Mary Read has been pretended as the narrator of the story; therefore, the book sounds like her autobiography.

This book comprises of nine parts and thirty three chapters and it begins with “Prologue: Adrift”. Thereafter, we find the first part of the book, which consists of five chapters. The first chapter “My Beginnings” talks about her childhood. The chapter starts in a strange manner as “I was born as a bastard”. The second part consists of the four chapters, which talk about the life of Mary Read in navy. She spent a major part of her life in the navy. After completion of this part, the story about her later struggle begins. Chapter 7 and 8 are focused on her life as a pirate in Caribbean Sea.

The dialogues of this book are interesting to read, and they give the feel of a play. Moreover, it is one of the best books to give the detailed information about the aforementioned notorious female raider. Besides, the topic of other famous female sea rover Anne Bonny has also been covered in the epilogue of the book.

The book has been published by Metrobooks and can be bought as paperback as well as Kindle document. Some part of “Mary Read: Sailor, Soldier, Pirate” can be read in the Google Books section also totally free of cost, but many pages of the books are omitted and you are required to purchase the book from online or offline stores in order to read it completely. The fashion designers can take the help from this book for making some more excellent style pirate clothing.

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