Get Ready for Fun in Midlands Pirate Festival

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This is the peak season of renaissance and pirate festivals. A lot of enthusiasm for these festivals is going on among individuals, and they are getting prepared with the renaissance and pirate costumes.

There are some wonderful events in the month of August also. Midlands Pirate Festivals is one of the events, which a large number of people are waiting for. They will take place in Bellevue Berry & Pumpkin Ranch near Papillion, NE. This is the 6th annual festival at the place. It has a lot of entertainment for the visitors.

There are four types of events, which will take place in the festival. These include Entertainment, Hands-On Activities, Scheduled and On-Going Demonstrations and Village Characters. Belly dancing, swordplay, stunts, juggling, illusions, kids show and a lot of comedy are the parts of entertainment in the fest. In hand-on activities, you may find street fights, pirate ship guide, cannon shooting game and the treasure hunting game. The scheduled and on-going demonstration will include metal working demo. The attractions from the village characters include Blackmore Clan (gate greeters/ticket checkers), Blue Mermaid (model in the water tank), Fools Gold Pirates (street theatres and charters), Jack Sparrow and Maggie (village characters) and Pirates of the Black Flag (treasure cave guides).

In the above mentioned activities, a lot of the events are based on the pirate themes. For instance, you can find Bawdy Buccaneers (comedy swordplay) in the entertainment activities. Pirate Crew of the Black Swann (pirate ship guides with cannon shooting) and Treasure Hunt contest also take you to the pirate world, which are the parts of the hand-on activities. In the village characters, you can enjoy Fools Gold Character (street theaters and charters), Jack Sparrow & Maggie (village characters) and Pirates of the Black Flag (treasure cave guide).

All these activities are the source of complete fun. Besides, they will also provide the easier way to know about the pirate lifestyles. Moreover, you will also get the glimpse of the Hollywood style pirates in these events. Jack Sparrow, the famous character of Pirates of the Caribbean film series is the perfect example in this regard, and he will be displayed under the village characters. Besides, the participant wearing the pirate clothing will be the other and one of the most popular allures in the fests.

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