How to Get Ready for the Pirate Festivals and Other Pirate Themed Events

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Pirate festivals and pirate weekends of renaissance festivals are being liked a lot by a large number of people these days. These fun events are celebrated in a number of cities in the western world. Dressing like a pirate remains the wish of a number of men and women who visit these fests. There are a plenty of ways to get the looks of the freebooters that are prevalent in the recent times.

The easiest and the best way to get the makeover of the sea rovers is to simply buy the pirate clothing from online and offline stores. is also selling a wide range of such dresses named after a number of sea rovers of the medieval and renaissance eras. If you are willing to make the outfit of your own then also you have the option; however, it should only be done if you are willing to get a simple pirate makeover. For getting the variety, purchasing the product from the stores is the best idea.

For acquiring the simple swashbuckler style, you are first required taking an old pair of pants and ripping it from some places. It is required because the life of the sea rovers was rough and there were a number of fringes, holes and tears in their dresses. Similarly, take the old shirt and do the same with it. But, one more thing you are required to follow. Try to take the dark-colored outfits since it will be suitable with the styles of the raiders of the golden age of piracy. On the other hand, you may also take the striped outfits. The sea rovers had the great love for stripes, which can be witnessed in some of the present day pirate costumes available in the market also. A dress named Anny Bonny Striped Blouse can be taken as a perfect example in this regard. The striped dresses that you choose may have the black and white or red and white combination.

Besides, add some accessories that will be the perfect add-ons. Bangles, bracelets, rings and eye patches the ideal accessories that you may wear for the themed events. In addition, wear the hats on the head, and it was the major add-on that the raiders would use. If you are unable to get the idea for hat, then you can purchase it from the stores. You can also use some tattered hat if you have one at your home. If you are creative enough, then you can convert your simple cap or hat into the pirate hat. You are just needed to make the design of skulls and bones on head wear in order to get such design. The Jolly Rogers design with skull and crossbones behind is one of the perfect ideas. Moreover, this design is also easy to make. You can also replace the crossbones with the swords crisscrossing each other. Last but not the least, the pair of leather shoes, preferably in black or brown color provides the ideal match with pirate style dresses.

Both male and females can use this style. Females can also replace the pants with skirts, or can use the special pirate gowns.

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