Real Freebooters and Pirates of the Caribbean Film

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Plenty of films have been produced on the pirate lifestyles till date, which are full of fun and adventure. In the 21st century, Pirates of the Caribbean series gained the popularity most without any second thought. The series features the notorious fictional raider Captain Jack Sparrow, who has been brought to life by the actor Johnny Depp. The popularity of the series can be guessed with the fact that the pirate clothing in the patterns of the movie characters gained  widespread popularity in the fashion world.

There are a lot of similarities as well as dissimilarities in the real piracy of the history and the fictional piracy of the film. The film takes us to the golden age of piracy and all the activities take place in the settings of the aforesaid era. One of the similarities that we find in this film is the location where the activities related to piracy take place. The post-medieval pirates were usually active in Caribbean Sea – the place where the story of the film is set.

Besides, some of the historical raiders have also been depicted in this film, but their accounts in the film are fictional. For instance, Blackbeard, one of the most notorious raiders of history, has also been shown in one of the movies of the series named “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides”. He is the father of the Angelica, a female pirate and the companion of Jack Sparrow in the movie. Similarly, a number of other sea rovers have also been shown in the conference of pirates in the film Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. Mistress Ching is the best example in this regard, who is the fictional version of renowned Chinese female pirate Ching Shih.

Besides, another similarity we can take in the film with the historical raiders is the involvement of the female freebooters in the expedition as well as in the act of piracy. It is a known fact that the society witnessed the female swashbucklers like Anne Bonny and Mary Read in history. The major female raider that we find in the film is Angelica, the fictional daughter of Blackbeard in On Stranger Tides. Moreover, the depiction of Ching Shih in At World’s End can also be taken as an example of the female raiders in the film.

Like historical raiders, the fictional freebooters are also providing the stuff to the pirate fashion world. Pirate costumes inspired by them are also widely popular among the pirate fashion freaks today. Jack Sparrow style dresses are admired by both men and women. Besides, the Angelica style costumes are also worn by a number of females. Outfits of fictional Blackbeard and the other characters of the Caribbean series are also highly popular in the fashion industry.

It is true that Pirate of the Caribbean presents the romanticized version of piracy. Still, we cannot deny the fact that this film perfectly represents the Caribbean piracy up to a high extent.

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