Do You Know About Real Jack Sparrow?

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In the present scenario, it is hard to find a Hollywood movies lover, who does not know the name of Captain Jack Sparrow. The popular film series “Pirates of the Caribbean” has made him famous. His films are full of fun and adventure, and his character has been romanticized too much. But, have you ever heard about the real Jack Sparrow? This is true that the events of the popular films are the work of fiction, but many of the pirates mentioned in them were 100% real, and lived on the earth centuries ago.

Our beloved Jack Sparrow was also a real character. But, as a matter of the fact, the real Jack was not loveable as the fictional one. He had nothing to do with the fun that the famous character of Caribbean series does. On the other hand, brutality was the prominent part of his character. His real name was Bartholomew Roberts, and Black Bart was the nickname given to him. He was one of the most successful sea robbers in the history.

His brutality can be seen in his combat with a 42-gun Dutch vessel. Many of the people were slaughtered who fought with him hand to hand. Those who had not been killed were hung from the yardarm. Some others were stripped of their shirts and restrained at the masthead till the time they lost their consciousness in the sweltering sun. Thereafter, they were mutilated. Besides, the ears of Dutch captain were cut and were presented to him. It was done to convey him to listen harder when Roberts said something to him. But, this was not the end of brutality. All the remaining Dutchmen were dragged out and given the similar treatment.

According to some of the historians, the Golden Age of Piracy was ended with death of Roberts. But, sometimes it becomes arduous to say it a ‘golden age’, as a lot of brutality and greed could be witnessed in that era.

It is quite clear from the above mentioned analysis that the life of real Jack Sparrow was very much different from the fictional character of the Caribbean series. The romanticized version of this character has influenced the people of today in several aspects. His sailors like-attitude, his funny nature, his bravery, and there are many other facets, which have become the source of motivation for the people. Interestingly, his dressing style has become a fashion-statement in the western world. People wearing these costumes can be witnessed in several themed events. The impact of this character can be widely observed in the pirate festivals. Distinct types of these dresses are available in the market, in the recent times. Jack Sparrow costumes for males, females and children can be acquired from the market.

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