Reenactment Activities in the Renaissance Festivals: Great Source of Fun and Education

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Everything of the renaissance age has something fascinating to present the people of today’s scenario. Communities, living styles, eating styles, renaissance costumes, occupation of the people, swashbucklers of that era and a lot more things are the subject of allure among the individuals. This interest is manifested today in the renaissance festivals, which are celebrated to provide the glimpse of that era.

The renaissance festivals are celebrated today in several parts of the western world. They undoubtedly provide the blend of entertainment as well as the education to the people. On one hand, the people get the information about the history; on the other hand, they enjoy a number of activities full of fun and frolic.

For providing information to the people, a plenty of reenactment activities are organized in the festivals. Jousting activity is one of the most famous, in which the jousters combat each other with lances while sitting on the horses. The jousting events are meant for rendering the glimpse of the battlefields of medieval and renaissance eras. Up to some time ago, this activity had the male monopoly, but today the females also take part in this event. Similarly, the archery competitions also take place.

The other reenactment activity is storytelling. The old art of storytelling can be witnessed here. It is a known fact that the storytelling was very famous in the medieval era in several countries throughout the world. This event has been rejuvenated in the ren-fests.

In addition, the dances and music shows based on the medieval, renaissance and the medieval themes also remain the special allures here in the festivals. The blacksmithing activity is the reenactment event of the occupations of that era.

Apart from all, various stalls selling the renaissance clothing and other wardrobes can also be found in the fest. One can buy these costumes for the next ren-fests or the weekends from these stalls.

The interesting thing about these fests is that many of them are divided into the weekends. Each weekend consists of some special theme. It happens usually in the big renaissance festivals. Jousting weekend, music weekend and pirate weekend etc. are some of the most liked parts of the fests.

Among them, the pirate weekends are very much admired, which are based on the swashbuckler themes. They are very much similar to the pirate festivals. In these weekends, the presentation of activities of the swashbuckler and demonstrations of their equipments remain the special attraction. A large number of men and women in the pirate clothing can be witnessed in these weekends.

Besides, some of the ren-fests also celebrate steampunk festivals, which are different from other weekends. These weekends are based on the Victorian era science fiction novels and films, in which all the technologies are run through the steam engines. These weekends are unusual, but still they are liked a lot by several individuals.The renaissance festivals are unquestionably the source of great rejuvenation for people from the tiredness, which they get from their hectic lifestyles, plus they make the boring subject of history interesting for everyone.

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