The Renaissance Age Outfits of Distinct Communities: The Perfect Fashion Trends

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The renaissance age was the time of flourish of arts and culture in Europe. Besides, it is the same period when the popular pirates like Blackbeard, Calico Jack, Mary Read and Anne Bonny etc. existed. One of the major aspects of this period was the clothing trend. Some of the trends, which were popular during that era include:

Royal Style Clothing: The royals in the renaissance age would wear the extremely showy costumes. For instance, the outfits of Queen Elizabeth I of England are highly popular among the women of today. Even, a number of ladies like to wear these dresses as the bridal costumes. The costumes of kings and princes are also available in the market for the men.

Costumes of Nobles and Aristocrats: The nobles were the officers on high ranks who would work under the royals. Besides, the aristocrats would include the rich merchants and landowners. The dresses of these high class people are also famous these days. These people would also wear the extravagant clothes that are popular among today’s men and women.

Commoners’ Outfits: Unlike medieval era, the commoners had started wearing the flamboyant dresses in the renaissance age, which are the part of the fashion trends today. These costumes are the evolved forms of medieval outfits.

Peasants’ Dresses: The peasants were the labor class people who used to wear the simple and practical dresses. These simple outfits are also liked a lot by a large mammoth of people in the recent times.

Pirate Clothing: Then comes the pirate clothing. It is the outfit of the swashbucklers of the renaissance age. They would wear the looted costumes from the ships in the renaissance age. They would often choose to wear the dark colored outfits. This clothing styles undoubtedly have given a lot to the fashion lovers of today.

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