How Renaissance Clothing Looks Like – A Brief Idea

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Renaissance clothing – when you Google it, you find thousands of results defining the styles and of the web portals, which are selling this excellent genre of clothing. This clothing belongs to the renaissance period, when a large number of individuals had a keen interest in the art and culture that is reflected in their clothing styles as well. Today, this distinct type of genre has become an amazing fashion trend. You can find a number of people wearing this clothing in the renaissance festivals and pirate festivals.

But, the question that occurs in the minds of a plenty of people is how renaissance clothing looks like. Well, sometimes it seems difficult to give some specific answer, but still we find it if we pay a careful attention towards the clothing styles of distinct people in the renaissance times.

The styles of these outfits were highly dependent upon the classes and nations. The most popular styles are of commoners, and they were the people who were most influenced by the artistic and cultural movement of that era. The commoners used to wear the earth tones, such as the gold, brown and rust. The clothing, which they would wear were made up of woven cotton, wool, raw silk, flax, leather and linen. A great change was witnessed in the clothing styles as compared to the medieval era outfits.

Breeches (pants), boots, full-bodied and long sleeved shirt under the vest and a hat were worn by the average men. The average women used to wear the long skirts below the ankle and the long-sleeved blouses.

Besides, the nobles would wear the flamboyant dresses. Their dresses were usually made through satin tapestry, velvet, brocades, and corduroy. Some people say that they would often wear the black colored renaissance costumes. But, sometimes it seems difficult to believe as they were the high-ranked officers. In today’s clothing in the renaissance style, we find the gowns, skirts, shirts and a lot more in myriad of colors. Still, a wide range of clothing in the renaissance styles comes available in the black colors.

In addition, the beautiful renaissance gowns, shirts and other costumes in the royal-style are also popular today. The Elizabethan costumes are admired by a large number of women these days, and they can be the perfect replacement for the wedding gowns. These costumes are made through the extravagant fabrics. The real costumes of Queen Elizabeth I were usually beaded with a variety of ornaments. But, it doesn’t seem possible in the present scenario unless they are being designed for economically upper-class people.

It was a brief idea about the renaissance dresses.  A number of other designs are available in the market in the recent times. The beautiful designs of these renaissance outfits have undoubtedly allured a large number of men and women today. They are unique in themselves and provide a different makeover than the modern outfits.

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