How Renaissance Clothing Trends Flourished in Europe

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In the present scenario, the renaissance outfits are one of the major attractions for a large number of fashion freaks. These outfits were flourished in the renaissance age – the period of flourish of art and culture in Europe. But, do you know what the factors were which played the role in this new development in the fashion world? Here are some of the major aspects of that era, which give some ideas in this regard:

People’s artistic instincts: The people started taking the interests in the art and culture, which is why the new age sculpture, paintings and a lot more things were developed. Quite obviously, it influenced the clothing styles also. The people had no more interest in the decency of the medieval-style outfits and they started adding the new things to the costumes. So, the new age renaissance clothing took birth. It will be significant to mention here that the time spans, in which the new era costumes came in limelight, were different in distinct countries. Moreover, the styles also varied depending upon the nations.

Existence of fashion leaders: The fashion leaders born during this era also contributed a lot in the renaissance trends. Isabella d’Este is one of the most famous names in this regard. The costumes designed by her were adopted by women throughout Italy as well as in the French court. Some of the designs of the renaissance fashion may be popular in the recent times.

Interest of royals in fashion: The interests of royals in distinct nations of Europe can also be marked as a reason for the flourish of the new fashion. For instance, Queen Elizabeth I of England was very fond of fashion. Her styles of gowns and dresses are still popular among the women. Similarly, Anne of Brittney, Queen Consort of Louis XII of France copied the styles of the Isabella d’Este – the fashion leader mentioned above. The interest of these royal-class people also attracted the people of the renaissance times towards the new era renaissance costumes.

Transfer of ideas from one nation to another: It is a known fact that transfer of ideas from one nation to another remained a major reason behind the spread of renaissance movement. So, the transfer of the fashion trends was also possible. Moreover, the travel of visitors from one nation to another might be the reason behind the flourish of renaissance ideas.

All the above mentioned aspects proved to be helpful for the flourish of renaissance fashion. Today also, these trends are widely popular along with the addition of the modern dress sense.

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