The Secret of Monkey Island: An Adventure Pirate Game Featuring Ghost Pirate

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The Secret of Monkey Island

Pirate fashion is one of the most famous trends in today’s fashion world. This trend is usually based on the styles of the Caribbean raiders of the medieval or renaissance age, but some pirate films and games also play a vital role in providing the stuff to it. These entertainment mediums take us to the golden era of piracy for a few moments. Moreover, men and women take inspiration from these films in terms of pirate clothing.

“The Secret of Monkey Island” is one of the most famous pirate games, which provide the perfect scenario of the era of piracy. It is an adventure game in which a young man named Guybrush Threepwood intends to be a pirate. He faces many obstacles in order to accomplish this purpose. He meets the pirate leader, who gives him three tasks to do for getting recruited as a raider. First, he is required to fight a duel with island’s swordmaster Carla. Other tasks he needs to complete is finding buried treasure and looting an idol from the mansion of governor.

Guybrush roams throughout the island in order to complete these trials. He comes to know about the ghost pirate LeChuck, who died in a quest in the mysterious monkey island to win the love of the governor Elaine Marley. A number of characters are met by Guybrush, such as Stan the Used Boat Salesman, a local voodoo priestess, a prisoner named Otis, and Meathook, a person whose hands have been replaced by hooks. He completes his tasks, but suddenly the island is raided by LeChuck. Guybrush buys a ship and hires Carla, Otis, and Meathook. He also settles a dispute in the village of cannibals and recover Voodoo Root for them. They give him Voodoo Root elixir in a seltzer bottle for destroying LeChuck. When he returns to LeChuck’s ships, he comes to know that the ghost is going to marry Elaine in church. He loses his elixir and is badly beaten by the ghost pirate. Guybrush finds a root beer in island’s ship emporium, which he uses as a replacement of elixir. The story ends with destroying the ghost pirate and spending the romantic moments with Governor Elaine by Guybrush.

The game was conceived by Ron Gilbert, a Lucasfilm employee, in the year 1988. It was developed as well as published by Lucasfilm Games. It comprises a film like theme, so it attracts a number of gaming freaks. The pirate costumes of the characters of the frolic are amazing and they are fully capable to provide the brilliant ides to the pirate fashion industry.

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