Some Significant Cultural Depictions of Pirates

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It is a known fact today that “pirate” has become a subculture nowadays. This subculture is based on the renaissance age pirates. The influence of this subculture can be seen in the fact that a large number of men and women seem to be interested towards the pirate costumes. The cultural depiction of the pirate subculture is one of the prominent reasons behind this in this regard. In a variety of aspects, we can find this cultural depiction. You can read about some of the depictions below:

Paintings: A number of paintings had been made in the history, which is one of the major cultural depictions. One of the popular paintings includes the one in which pirates fight over treasure, made by Howard Pyle in 1911.

Literature: A lot of literature has been written, in which you can find the culture of the swashbuckling types. There are two types of pirate literatures available these days. The first one includes the biographical sketches of various swashbucklers. The first such book was written in 1724 by Daniel Defoe under the title “A General History of Pyrates”. The brief accounts of a number of swashbucklers have been written in this book, including two female pirates named Mary Read and Anne Bonny. After some time, more research was done on the life histories of the raiders and a number of books on the detailed biographies were author. In the other category, we can count the story books written on the pirate theme. The Pirate!-series written by Gideon Defoe is the perfect instance in this regard.  “The Pirate! in an Adventure with Scientists”, “The Pirates! in an Adventure with Communists” and many other such books have been written by Gideon Defoe. Another story book of this theme is Deborah Underwood’s “Pirate Mom”.

Films: The films are the major things, which have attracted the attention of a number of individuals in the present scenario.  “Pirates of the Caribbean” film series is the prominent one that has attracted the individuals.  Till date, four films have been produced in this series and the fifth one is in the pipeline. In the pirate festivals and many other swashbuckler events, you can find a number of men and women wearing the pirate clothing of the characters of this film. Some films had been produced in the past also such as the famous 1951 film “Anne of the Indies”.

Animation Films: Like movies, several animation films have also been produced in the 21st century on the pirate themes. “Sinbad! Legend of the Seven Seas” is one of the most famous examples in this regard. Similarly, the movies named “The Pirates! in an Adventure with Scientists” and “The Pirates! Band of Misfits are the two popular instances. These two films are based on the popular Gideon Defoe’s novels.

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