“On Stranger Tides”: Standalone Sequel of the Movie Series

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On Stranger Tides is the 4th film of Pirates of the Caribbean movie series. All the three movies were connected to each other in their stories. But, this movie was made on a standalone story. Like the previous films, this movie also gained a huge fame in the entertainment world.

Some new characters were introduced in the film, such as Angelica and Blackbeard. Blackbeard is the fictional depiction of the popular historical pirate Edward Teach “Blackbeard”, whose styles of pirate clothing are also popular in the market. His daughter Angelica acts as Jack Sparrow’s companion in the movie.

Captain Jack Sparrow runs from the soldiers who are chasing him. He learns that a crew is being reported by an imposter and a vessel using his name. He also finds Angelica, about whom he comes to know that she is a woman from his past. He is not sure if he is in the love. Jack is kidnapped and he awakes abroad. When he awakes, he finds that a ship is sailing. Angelica tells him that she is the daughter of Blackbeard, who is cursed and wants to get the Fountain of Youth in order to save his life. Jack is forced to guide them about the location of the fountain of youth. But, in a horrific quest, they are required to get first to chalices, which belonged to fountain.

The movie is very much based on the golden age of piracy. Blackbeard himself is the fictional depiction of a popular historical raider named Edward Teach “Blackbeard”. Blackbeard’s flagship Queen Anne’s revenge has also been displayed in the movie.

The film is perfect for the swashbuckler lifestyle lovers and it is the last movie of the Pirates of the Caribbean series till date; however, another movie of the series is also in the pipeline.

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