Strength of Female Pirates

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Female pirates are the subjects of fascination for a large number of individuals in the recent times. These women swashbucklers were not behind the male counterparts in anything including combats. We can see their strength in two ways, i.e., the physical strength and their influence in their pirate world.

In the western world, Mary Read and Anne Bonny were two famous swashbucklers. These swashbucklers were not only the expert combatants, but they would also know that mind games that were played at the time of combats. It is a known fact that Mary Read had killed a pirate, who challenged her lover for duel hours ago in a secret duel in order to save his life.

Similarly, many of the raiders used their influence and wits to become powerful in the pirate world. The name of the Chinese pirate Ching Shih is the best instance in this regard. She made the fleet of 17000 men with the help of which she defeated the Chinese, Portuguese as well as English forces.  The Portuguese and English forces were supposed to be superpowers that time, who ruled a number of nations, but they could not overcome Ching Shih. This powerful female swashbuckler had even made the new rules for her crew. A number of rules were regarding the morality. For instance, it was ordered to behead a swashbuckler who had raped a female prisoner. Because of her strength, the Qing dynasty emperor of China had to offer an amnesty to all the pirates, which she accepted and became the lady of big treasure.

There were many other names apart from the above mentioned ones. These swashbucklers have become the subject of fascination for a large number of women in the present scenario. The pirate clothing named after them have become the fashion trend in the recent times.

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