Themed Events in the Western World

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Several events take place in the western world time to time, which take people to the different world. Renaissance festivals and pirate festivals are such events, which we can take as an instance in this regard. These festivals are based on the historical and fictional themes.

The renaissance festivals are based on the renaissance age. It was the era of arts and culture; therefore, some excellent artwork can be witnessed in these fests. Besides, the printing press is also demonstrated since it was invented during that period. On the other hand, various events related to the renaissance lifestyles can also be witnessed there. Warfare was a significant part of that era. So, the jousting events take place widely in the ren-fests. Besides, blacksmithing, storytelling and several other activities of that era are also famous in these fests. Moreover, the stalls of several events remain the ideal attractions here. These fests are divided into the weekends, and a special theme is assigned for each weekend. The pirate weekends are the most famous ones without any doubt. The weekends are based on the lifestyles of the swashbucklers of the renaissance age. Moreover, the fantastical swashbuckler themed movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean film series also provide stuff to these weekends. Renaissance outfits, pirate shirts, and many other themed dresses are worn by the people in these festivals. Such festivals take place in several nations in the western world, but US is the place where the events are celebrated most.

Moreover, the pirate festivals are also celebrated in US and several other parts of the western world. These festivals are very much like the pirate weekends. The events that take place in these festivals are same as the pirate weekends. The demonstrations of the pirate lifestyles, pirate games and many other things are available here in these fests. The pirate clothing of people are the fascinating things in these fests as well.

Somewhat similar events to the renaissance festivals are organized in UK also. In UK, the medieval festivals are famous which are based on the medieval lifestyles. Sometimes, the demonstrations of some medieval era battles can also be witnessed in these fests. In addition, various entertainment activities are also organized in these medieval festivals.

Other festivals are the steampunk and the gothic events. The steampunk events are concerned with the Victorian era fantasy. It looks as the Victorian fantasy comes true. The people in the themed costumes and having the steampunk style products and gadgets can be seen here. Similarly, the events like Whitby Goth Weekend are the perfect examples of the gothic styles.

These festivals are undoubtedly the perfect sources of fun and frolic.

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