This Is the Time to ‘Talk Like A Pirate’

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Talk Like A Pirate Day is coming closer. A lot of interest of people can be seen about the celebrations of this special day. This is not that type of event, in which you are required to go somewhere, or are required to wear some special pirate clothing. You can celebrate this at home without any hassle.

What you have to do is just to speak some words, which the pirates used to speak. Aarrr, ahoy etc. are some of the words used by the swashbucklers of the renaissance age. Besides, the swashbucklers had formed a complete language with their unique words and phrases. Or, according to some people, this swashbuckler vocabulary was started from the pirate themed films. But, we cannot deny the fact that there were some words, which were used by the swashbucklers. Whether the language was formed by swashbucklers or it is the modern innovation of films, it is true that today the pirate language has a distinct identity and people like to speak it on this auspicious day.

The festival is celebrated every year on 19th September. Two friends named John Baur (“Ol’ Chumbucket”) and Mark Summers (“Cap’n Slappy”) decided to celebrate it in 1995. The concept was originated on June 6, but these two friends decided it to celebrate on 19th September instead of 6th June. They did so in order to give respect to the D-Day of World War II, June 6 1944, which was the day of Normandy Landings. Till then, it is being celebrated throughout the world by the lovers of the pirate lifestyles.

If you don’t know this language, then you have some easy options. There are some websites, which teach you this language. Besides, some of the sites also present the online translators. On these sites, you are required to type some phrase in English, and you will get its translation into the pirate language. There may be many sites for it. Click here and you will find one such website. If you have to give your introduction to someone and tell your name, just type “my name is xyz”, and you will get the result “me name be xyz”. Similarly, you can translate the other sentences as per your choice.

The day has become a source of great fun for the people. The International Talk Like a Pirate Day is a unique moment in itself, on which the people change their language for a day.

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