Usage of Term ‘Piracy’ in Other Contexts

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In the pirate fashion industry, we listen the term ‘piracy’ for the sea robbery, and the word ‘pirate’ refers to those sea rovers, who plunder the treasure ships. In the renaissance age, this piracy was on the heights, and a number of raiders in seas, oceans as well as rivers were active. The pirate shirts and other clothing types are based on these historical freebooters. But, as a matter of the fact, this term is not restricted to the loot on the ships. It is the term, which has several other usages that vary depending upon the contexts. Some forms of piracies other than the ship robberies include:

Piracy on the coastal areas: It was done sometimes by the same freebooters of history, who were involved in the ship raiding. First, we find it in case of ancient Mediterranean piracy. The swashbucklers would often loot the villages and towns located near the sea shores. Besides, the instances of the plunder by Vikings are also available. It is a known fact by the history lovers that the Vikings had shocked the people by raiding a monastery in 793 A.D., which was located on an English island named Lindisfarne. The coastal area raids continued in the renaissance era also. The fierce French freebooter Jacques de Sores looted and burnt Havana, Cuba in 1555 A.D.

Raids across the land-borders: The loot across the land border is also referred as piracy several times. The robbers who loot the cities and villages are also known as pirates sometimes. The land pirates have also been the great troubles of people. They are not only the threats to the merchants and government official but also for several other communities living on the lands.

Crimes under customary national or international laws: This usage of word piracy is new. The crimes like copying the copyrighted material and more are often referred as the piracies in this context. A number of books as well as film and music CDs are copied without any permission that we find in the news. These are the perfect examples of such crimes.

Copying of software and other IT modules: This is also a form of the abovementioned type of piracy, but it can be taken as the separate category since this trend is every deep rooted nowadays. Such acts are not just performed by the criminals, but also by the common man. Some local vendors copy  software or operating systems and sell them in the low rates as compared to the price of the original one. A large number of people, who are unable to afford the high costs of the original computer programs, purchase them without bothering the laws. Besides, a lot of acts of such piracy can be witnessed on the internet also. Several websites are active in providing the copyrighted material in low cost or totally free of cost. Moreover, a plenty of common people also distribute the copyrighted material on the file hosting websites, which is also recognized a form of piracy. Some of the file hosting sites were banned a few days ago for keeping such files.

Conclusively, the piracy is not just related to the historical or modern swashbucklers on the seas and their pirate costumes, but many other criminal acts are covered under this word.

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