Watch Fantastical Versions of Real Pirates in Films

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It is a known fact that a number of historical pirates from various parts of the world have gained the attention of the people. Some of the names that can be taken as instance include Black Bart, Blackbeard, Mary Read, Anne Bonny, Calico Jack, Ching Shih, Jack Birdy and a lot more. These pirates gained so much fame that their pirate clothing trends have become the fashion in the present scenario.

An interesting aspect is that many of these swashbucklers got the place in the pirate themed films also. These films are the great source of entertainment and take you to the “golden age of piracy”. These films present two types of swashbucklers. First ones are those, who are completely the work of fiction. The other ones are those who really existed in history. But, the depiction of the real freebooter in the films remains fictional. The plots of the films are not based on the biographies of these real swashbucklers. But, they consist of the fictional plots, in which the real sea rovers have been presented as the characters. Moreover, some changes in the names of the freebooters have also been made in some of the films.

As a first example, we can take an old movie “Anne of the Indies”, produced in 1951. It was intended to make the biographical film on the famous female swashbuckler Anne Bonny. But, the plot was changed due to some reasons, and it became a fictional movie consisting of a girl with a personality of Anne Bonny. Interestingly, the name of Anne had also been changed, and was renamed to “Anne Providence”. Besides, Blackbeard, one of the fiercest freebooters of history, can also be witnessed in the movie in the fictional way.

On the other hand, the existence of some of the historical swashbucklers can be seen in the popular “Pirates of the Caribbean” series. Blackbeard has been depicted in the “On Stranger Tides”. But, his character is entirely fictional like that of “Anne of the Indies” and he is a father of a fictional raider name Angelica. Besides, you can see the famous Chinese female raider Ching Shih in “At World’s End”.

Besides, some researchers claim the protagonist Captain Jack Sparrow as a fictional depiction of some historical raiders. A number of people claim it the popular Muslilm freebooter Jack Birdy. It is said that many of the aspects of Birdy’s life would match with those of Sparrow. An interesting argument is that instead of ‘Birdy’, the name of a particular bird ‘Sparrow’ has been given to him. But, his qualities have been exaggerated so much in the movie. On the other, some people also claim a renowned western raider Bartholomew Roberts “Black Bart” as the real Jack Sparrow.

These films have romanticized the pirates a lot. The pirate shirt, pant and many other outfits in the styles of these fictional depictions of the real life pirates are also liked by a large number of people in the recent times.

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