Weapons and Shields: Medieval Era Cannot be Imagined without Them

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The medieval era was the period of battlefields. Conquering other states or countries would be the dream of some over-ambitious monarchs. Therefore, there was a great usage of weapons during that era. On the other hand, they were necessary to defend the boundaries from the invaders, for combating with pirates, other fierce outlaws and so on.

In order to accomplish this purpose, the tasks were assigned to the blacksmiths to make this stuff for war. Swords were undoubtedly the most famous medieval weapons. They were the sharp devices from both the edges and were used a lot in hand to hand combats. Moreover, they would also remain the favorite weapon for the people at the time of duels.

The other thing that gained the fame was lance, which was a pointed device. The lances were used in hand to hand fight as well as to throw at the enemy standing at the distant location. But, the most popular weapon to destroy the enemy standing at the distant location was the set of bows and arrows. One skilled archer was capable to kill dozens of enemies in a minute. There were two types of bows such as crossbows and longbows. The trained archers would use the longbows, whereas the crossbows were meant for the untrained ones.

Siege engines were perhaps one of the most dangerous weapons. They somewhat used to look like the bows, but as a matter of the fact, they were more dangerous than them. They were used to attack the castles, which themselves were sometimes treated as the weapons.

Because of the existence of the weapons, the shields were also widely significant. The medieval shields comprised of distinct types. Some of them would be carried by the warriors in a hand. On the other hand, some others were tied directly to the body. Moreover, the shields used to be available in distinct shapes. We find both round and rectangular shaped shields in the history.

Today also, the weapons and the shields are part of the fashion trends in the recent times. A number of people like to carry them or tie them on their waists in the themed events like renaissance festivals, medieval festivals and pirate festivals. Besides, they are also used in the jousting demonstrations in the festivals. In these activities, one jouster hits other while sitting on the horse.

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