Wedding Costumes in Medieval and Renaissance Styles: Provide You an Entirely Different Makeover

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Wedding is undoubtedly a special occasion for everyone, in which the style matters a lot. It has become a status-symbol nowadays to wear the extravagant costumes in the wedding parties by brides, bridegrooms, hosts of the parties and of course the guests. Individuals try the costumes of distinct genres, which are in the limelight in the recent times.

Medieval and renaissance – these are the two special trends for men and women today. The medieval trends belong to the middle ages, when people would wear the decent style clothing. But, the royals’ dresses used to be showy. On the other hand, the renaissance period was the era when the society witnessed great flourish in art and culture. It also impacted on the clothing styles of the people. Even, the commoners started wearing the flamboyant dresses.

Both these genres have become the fashion trends, and their clothing styles allure the people. In the medieval clothing trend, we find the outfits of a number of communities such as royals, nobles, commoners, peasants and pirates. The dresses of the royals are most popular today, and they are ideal to wear by the wedding couple. The bridal gowns in the medieval styles are available in a wide range in the market. Besides, the medieval coats and vests are perfect for the bridegrooms. In addition, these dresses are perfect for the families of brides and the bridegrooms as well as for the guests also.

On the other hand, the outfits of the nobles are also perfect to wear in the parties. The nobles were officers at the high ranks, whose dresses also used to be showy. Besides, the commoners’ dresses were however decent, and there was not much showiness, but still, it will not be a bad idea if you decide to wear them in the parties. The peasants were the labor-class people of the medieval times so their costumes may not be perfect to wear in the parties. But, some special outfits with the blend of the medieval peasant style and the modern dress sense can also be worn in the parties. Apart from all, we find the pirate clothing. It was the clothing of the sea rovers, who would plunder this ships. The costumes of the swashbucklers are also widely popular these days. Some of these outfits with excellent embroidery may also be perfect for the wedding parties.

The renaissance age, as we mentioned above, was the era of flamboyance. The communities in renaissance age were identical to those of the medieval times, but their clothing styles were different up to a great extent, expect those of the peasants. The commoners started wearing the flamboyant outfits. Some new effects had been added to the clothing styles of royals and nobles also. For the weddings, the gowns on the styles of Queen Elizabeth I of England are the perfect renaissance costumes. On the other hand, the dresses designed by some fashion leaders of that era may also be the perfect options. The costumes designed by Isabella d’Este can be the wonderful examples in this regard. Her designs of costumes were liked by the women throughout Italy and in the French court during her era also. Moreover, the dresses of the commoners of that era are also perfect to wear in the parties because of their showy designs.

All these costumes have become the perfect fashion statements today and provide you an entirely different makeover.

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