Whey People Like Renaissance-Age Swashbucklers and Not the Modern Pirates

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The modern era is also not untouched with piracy. Today also, there are a number of pirates in Somalia and Sumatra, who attack the ships of distinct nations. But, the people have no interest in them, unlike they have in the renaissance-age piracy. Instead, the modern pirates are the criminals, whom a large number of individuals hate.

But, as we indicated above also, this is not the case of the medieval and renaissance age freebooters. On the contrary, people like their lifestyles. Their pirate shirts, pants and the other outfits are the fashion trends, which a large number of people like. On the other hand, a number of events on the lifestyles of the swashbucklers are organized. The prominent names in this regard include the pirate weekends of renaissance festivals and the pirate festivals.

There are several reasons behind people’s inclinations towards the lifestyles of the swashbucklers. First, the swashbucklers of the renaissance times had some positive sides. For instance, they had their laws. A pirate code was applied to all the crews; however, there might be the difference in the laws of some particular crew. They would elect the captain or some other ranks of the crew. This was the democratic system prevalent in the pirate fleets. Moreover, some of the fleets had no captain and the powers were divided into different crew members. Besides, the pirates would constitute a parallel economy at some places, among which China is the best example. Here, pirates had the separate markets, and many of people would even pay taxes to their parallel governments. Besides, the sailor-like lifestyles of the freebooters are also the subject of allure among a large number of people.

Another reason behind people’s interest towards these lifestyles seems to be the existence of the women pirates. Of course, it cannot be considered as a major reason. But, there is no doubt in the fact that the bravery of women and standing neck-to-neck with men has always been an alluring factor for a large number of people. Moreover, it has also attracted the women also towards the pirate lifestyles.

Apart from all, we can observe that the swashbuckler lifestyles have been romanticized a lot in a number of films and novels. A plenty of movies and animation films have been produced, in which the freebooters have been shown as the protagonists. Besides, various positive qualities are displayed, which attract the people a lot. Pirates of the Caribbean film series featuring Captain Jack Sparrow is the ideal instance in this respect. Besides, the animation films like The Pirates! in an Adventure with Scientists and Sinbad! Legend of the Seven Seas are also popular among the entertainment freaks today. These films also provide great stuff to the pirate clothing fashion. Moreover, a number of novels have also been written on the pirate stories.

In addition to all this, there may be some other reasons behind people’s interests towards the pirate lifestyles.

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