“At World’s End”: The Caribbean Series Film, in Which Pirates Fight for Survival

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At World’s End is the third movie of Pirates of the Caribbean series. The movie was released in the year 2007 and had gained widespread popularity since then. The plot of this movie was great. In this movie, Lord Cutler Becket destroys anybody who is associated with piracy and all the ships of the swashbucklers in the sea. After Elizabeth, Captain Jack Sparrow is saved by Captain Barbossa and Will  from the land of the dead. Beckett makes a dark alliance with control of Jones for ruling the seas and wiping out the last of the pirates. Barbossa, Jaci, Will, Tia Dalma and crew call the Lords of the pirates from every part of the globe. The Pirate Lords are willing to release the goddess Calypso, who is Davy Jone’s damned lover. All swashbucklers stand together in order to make the final stand for freedom against Jones Backett, Norrington, the Flying Dutchman and the entire East India Trading Company.

This interesting film of Pirates of the Caribbean film series is undoubtedly perfect for the lovers of swashbuckler lifestyles. A number of facets of the pirate lifestyles of the renaissance period, and some other periods afterwards have been shown in this film. Some famous swashbucklers of the history can be seen in the meetings of the pirates in the film. For instance, you can find the fictional depiction of popular Chinese pirate Ching Shih in the aforementioned movie.

This is the film, which helps the people more in understanding about the swashbuckler lifestyles of the renaissance age, apart from the entertainment. It has also provided a lot of stuff to the pirate clothing fashion.

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