Pirate Blouse

Pirate Blouse: Piece of Clothing for Perfect Makeover of Females

Pirate BlouseThe profession of piracy in the medieval and renaissance age was not the monopoly of men. Some courageous females such as Anne Bonny and Mary Read were also involved actively in this outlaw profession. Quite obviously, the pirate dresses, which have become the fashion statements today, are popular among the females also in the same way as they are among the men. A number of female pirate costumes are available in the market in the present scenario.

Dark shades of pirate blouses

It is a known fact that pirates would wear the dark colored dresses. So, the female pirate outfits available in the market also comprise of the dark shades. Variety o f pirate blouses have been designed that resemble the styles of medieval freebooters. Most of the blouses are available in the dark shades like black, dark red and maroon etc. Moreover, they are available in distinct designs also, among which the stripped designs are widely popular.

Influence of other cultures

In addition, the influence of many other genres can also be witnessed on them. Gothic subculture, which also produced the dark colored dresses because of its focus on the dark traits of humanity, renders a wide influence on these dresses. Besides, other cultures of the medieval and renaissance age also give a lot of stuff to the pirate fashion industry. Modern dressing styles are also not behind in providing new ideas. A lot of modern innovation is also added to these dresses by the contemporary designers.

Some popular pirate blouses

Barbarossa Blouse is one of the most popular blouses in the pirate styles in the present scenario. It is available in the dark red color. This V-shape neckline outfit has the beautiful frills, which make it perfect to wear on distinct occasions. Wisna Blouse is another similar type of wardrobe in the dark red color, with frills as well as the waist long pattern. Lady Killigrew Blouse, Cherry Crepe Blouse and there are many other attires, which are the perfect examples of the red colored pirate blouses. Moreover, you may also find a wide range of black colored attires such as Princess Rusla Blouse, Jacquelyn Sleeveless Blouse, Hetha Blouse and Ladgerda Blouse. If you are willing to acquire the clothing with beautiful design, then Anne Bonny Striped Blouse can be an ideal option for you. The blouse is named after a famous female freebooter of history, and it comes with astonishing striped design.

Outfits to be worn with pirate blouses

These blouses perfectly match with distinct types of pirate pants and skirts available in the market. Harem Pants, Patiala Pants, Ashaki Skirt and many other dresses can be worn with the abovementioned blouses. Moreover, they perfectly match with some other dresses of the renaissance and medieval eras. Peasant dresses, outfits of nobles and the outfits of many other communities can be the perfect match of these dresses.

Occasions to wear pirate blouses

The pirate blouses are perfect options to wear in the themed events such as renaissance festivals and pirate festivals. Moreover, some of them are also ideal to wear in the causal gathering and several other parties. Hopefully, these pirate blouses will provide you a perfect makeover, which you dream for.