Pirate Coats

Pirate Coats: Perfect Blend of Funky and Decent Styles

The pirate clothing is a source of great enthusiasm for a number of people, which belongs to the sea rovers of the medieval and renaissance age. Shirts, pants, skirts, coats, vests and a number of many other dresses in the freebooters’ styles have created a fad among the fashion freaks.

Pirate CoatsUsually, the pirate costumes are popular for their funky styles, but you can also find a plenty of dresses, in which you can get the decent touch. The pirate coats are the perfect instances in this regard, which can be worn in the casual get-togethers also.

These coats are available in the styles of various famous sea rovers of the medieval era. Calico Jack, Blackbeard and many other pirates have secured the places in the hearts of the people, and the costumes inspired by them are the perfect fashion statements in the recent times. Blackbeard Coat is one of the ideal examples in this regard. This coat is made with cotton velvet fabric and comprises of gold buttons, flap pockets and black lace.

Besides, royal touch can also be witnessed in many of these coats. It is a known fact that the medieval freebooters would wear the clothes looted from the ships, which is why their dresses used to be aristocratic. So, quite obviously, they would wear the luxurious clothing. The royal style pirate dresses are also being admired today by a number of people. Purple Brocade Pirate Coat is one of the perfect royal style freebooters’ coats. It is available in the purple color and has a marvelous design. Besides, it is made with rich and thick brocade fabric.

Moreover, the influence of some other styles can also be witnessed on the pirate costs. The privateers, who were the authorized pirates for plundering the treasure ships of the enemy nations, have also provided a lot of stuff the pirate fashion industry. The influence of some famous privateers such as Sir Francis Drake and Sir Walter Raleigh etc. can be clearly witnessed on the pirate coats available in the market, in today’s scenario.

Apart from all, it will be a big mistake if it is thought that the outfits of the historical raiders are the only factors, which inspire this dynamic fashion industry. The impact of some fictional raiders can also be vividly witnessed on many of the pirate coats. We can take the example of “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie series. The famous hero of this series, Captain Jack Sparrow, is widely popular among the youngsters, and his styles of dresses are creating the benchmarks.

The trend of these pirate coats is increasing day by day, and a number of new innovations are coming in the limelight. Various new-age designers are adding their own creative expressions in these coats, which is making these wardrobes perfect to wear in several events. These themed events like pirate festival and renaissance festivals remain the favorite occasions for the people, where these outfits or worn.

Some other pirate coats available in the market with innovative designs include Captain England Coat, Captain Benjamin Coat, Captain Easton Coat, Captain De Lisle Coats, and more.