Pocket Compass

Pocket Compass: Beautifully Crafted Antique Piece for Successful Sea Voyages

Sea life is full of adventures, but it needs a lot of arrangement for the successful accomplishment of the voyages. Ancient, medieval as well as modern sailors have used various technologies till date for the successful journeys. Compass is one of the most favorite devices of the sailors and pirates, which is used for knowing the direction. The pocket compass is significantly popular in this regard, which one can easily carry and can enjoy a hassle-free journey.

Pocket CompassIn the present scenario, the digital compasses are serving the abovementioned purpose. But, do you know what was the technology used in the medieval and renaissance age, when the digital technology was not existing? Nautical compasses were the options used during that era, in which magnetic dial was used to indicate the directions. Some of these compasses would work for keeping track of time also.

Despite the advent of the digital compasses, people’s interest towards the nautical compasses, especially the pocket compasses can be still witnessed. These compasses are redesigned today, which are favorite antique pieces for a number of people. But, they are not the antiques only, but they are fully functional and can be used at the time of going to different expeditions. On the other hand, they are also perfect for a number of fun activities. The themed events like renaissance festivals and pirate festivals are the favorite occasions of a number of people to take these devices.

These pocket compasses can also work as the add-ons if you keep them while wearing the ethnic costumes of renaissance and pirate cultures. That is why, the pocket compasses remain the favorite options for people going to the themed events.

The aforesaid compasses are manufactured today with unique designs and beautiful metal polishing. Usually, a simple Pocket Compass comes today in solid brass and with black face. The size remains 1 inch, which can easily be put in the pockets of a child also.

Besides, a wide variety of these compasses are available in the market. Solid Brass Covered Pocket Compass and Solid Brass Covered Pocket Compass II are the two major types, which are purchased by a number of sea life lovers in the recent times. These two compasses also come in brass.  Besides, they are available in black and golden colored faces respectively and have a unique luster.  Both these compasses are available in the size of 1.75 inch.

Solid Brass Dalvey Pocket Compass is another beautifully crafted compass, whose looks allure the people. It is also a 1.75 inch compass and has an astonishing looking flap. A same size compass with open face is also available, i.e., Solid Brass Open Face Pocket Compass. This compass is available in golden color, but its face is in black.

Many other such compasses are available in the market today, which one can choose as per his or her choice. There are a number of stores, wherefrom these nautical devices can be obtained, but if you are facing any difficulty, then you have the option to buy them from various online stores.