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Sundial Compass

Sundial Compass: Excellent Gift of Old-Age Technologies

Development in technology faced a great evolution with the passage of time. It began from the handheld instruments and mechanical devices and later on evolved to steam energy, electric power, solar energy and so on.

Sundial CompassThe sundial compass can be taken as a perfect instance of the age-old technologies. It is supposed to the one of the technological products, used by the sailors, voyagers, merchants and pirates in the medieval and pre-medieval eras. Its major function is time-keeping and knowing about direction. The same function is performed through the digital compass in the present scenario. But, magnetic needle is used in the nautical compass in order to understand the direction, unlike the digital needle of today. Smooth pointed base is the place, where the sundial compass is pivoted for making it move freely.

Besides, a curve scale is usually appended on the top of the sundial, which is hinged in order to set the local latitude angle. Sundial is oriented to north through the magnetic dial. A needed lift mechanism is also featured by the compass for protecting the jeweled bearing of the compass at the time of transportation. Three adjustable legs are used precisely to set the level of the sundial. The local time is marked by sun shadow casted by the sundial vane.

These sundial compasses are beautifully manufactured with silver or gold plating. The compasses are polished with bright high-luster finish, and many of them can be acquired with antique brass patina finishes. Copper, brass as well as other metals are used to polish many of these compasses. But, it doesn’t mean that they are mere the pieces of decoration. In fact, they are fully functional and can be used today as well. Many of these sundial compasses come with the roman numerals printed on them. Moreover, they have the adjustable leg screws.

These age-old technological instruments are liked by a large number of people in today’s scenario. The people, who are interested in the marine lifestyle of the medieval era, seem very much interested in purchasing these compasses. Today also, they are being reproduced as the beautiful antiques. A number of people purchase them because of their interest in sea life or pirate lifestyles.

These sundial compasses are available today in a wide variety, which are manufactured keeping the interests of the people in mind. For instance, Dalvy Style Compasses are getting widely popular these days. Moreover, the compasses in the beautiful wooden boxes are also being offered to the people. This wooden box is made in the classic marine style and is the perfect companion of the sundial when you are going to showcase your antique nautical product to your friends and relatives. Moreover, other nautical products are offered with some of the products.  For instance, nautical telescope for gazing the distant items vividly can also be availed with some of the sundial compasses.

These sundial compasses are gaining widespread popularity these days in the themed events such as renaissance festival and pirate festival. These fares are meant for the reenactment of the renaissance era or pirate lifestyles, and the nautical sundial compasses perfectly match the themes of the events.