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Redbeard Shirt
Redbeard Shirt
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Product Code: C1009

Name: Redbeard Shirt

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Hunter Green
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C1009 - Redbeard Shirt

The Redbeard Shirt is the outfit named after a real privateer of history and a fictional pirate of the pirate games. The real Redbeard was actually known as Hayreddin Barbarossa, who was an admiral under the Ottoman Empire. The title "Barbarossa" was given to him by Sultan Suleiman, the Magnificent. The word "Redbeard" is used for Barbarossa in Italian. On the other hand, there is a famous pirate game also named "Red Beard" that can be played online by the pirate lifestyle lovers.

This Redbeard Shirt can be obtained in distinct colors. It is made from thick and rich viscose rayon fabric. In front, the wearers can find the eyelets and drawstrings. The shirt consists of the loose fitting, plus it has a small frill at the wrist.

Fabric: Rayon Viscose
Fabric Care: Machine Washable

Available Color Options: Black | White | Red | Hawaiian Ocean | Hunter Green | Gold | Royal Blue | Chocolate

Renaissance pirate gypsy gothic shirt Renaissance pirate gypsy gothic shirt

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