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Roche Brasiliano Shirt
Roche Brasiliano Shirt
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Product Code: C1012

Name: Roche Brasiliano Shirt

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C1012 - Roche Brasiliano Shirt

This shirt has been manufactured keeping in mind Roche Brasiliano ,famous Dutch pirate in history. He was born in the town of Groningen. His pirate career began in 1654, and he disappeared on around 1671. His real name is claimed to have Gerrit Gerritszoon. He exiled in Brazil for a long time, so he was known as Roche Brasiliano, which means "Rock the Brazilian".

The shirt is designed with ruffle with shoulder seem. It comprises of the fully functional buttons in front as well as ruffled cuffs. The shirt is machine washable.

Fabric: Rayon Satin
Fabric Care: Machine Washable

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