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Medieval Cloak (Reversible)
Medieval Cloak (Reversible)
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Product Code: C1058

Name: Medieval Cloak (Reversible)


Light Brown-Chocolate
Navy - Turquoise
Black - Red
Gold - Green
Light Brown-Chocolate




C1058 - Medieval Cloak (Reversible)

A double layer of viscose acts to keep in the heat while letting out the body moisture. Our full-length cloaks are machine washable and come with a full hood. They come in full circle and are big enough to cover the shoulders of the wearer. Measures 56" long. One size fits all.

In an ocean charged with rivalries and battles, we propagate power.
We sail ahead delivering the message of strength,
This cloak is a metaphor for power,
The fiery design is the insignia of a roaring sea,
Depicting the greatest power anyone can possess, dare to flaunt it with all its aesthetic beauty.

Reversible Colors: Light Brown & Chocolate.

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