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Long Medieval Tunic
Long Medieval Tunic
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Product Code: C1062

Name: Long Medieval Tunic


Dull Gold


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C1062 - Long Medieval Tunic

No matter what is the reference, the Maziejoski Bible, the Bayeaux tapestry or the Cantigas, the men of mostly all periods wore tunics. This one we offer will fit perfectly in your 12th to 14th re-enactment. Through this tunic, you can re-create the classiness of the past in the modern lifestyle. The tunic has been made of Linen blend to offer comfort in all seasons.

Lead with the courage of a pirate and defeat your opponents. Your ambition is your army and desire defines the determination. Create a wall of confidence that no enemy can thrust. Get empowered by the outfit of the pirates to face the mighty one in your own world.

Measuring 55" long & 60" chest, the tunic has been made from Linen blend.

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