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Comb Morion Helmet
Comb Morion Helmet
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Product Code: HL1005

Name: Comb Morion Helmet






HL1005 - Comb Morion Helmet

The classic Spanish Conquistador's Helmet Comb Morion was famous for its use throughout Europe during those turbulent times and in the New World. The Comb Morion Helmet was an open helmet which first introduced in the mid 16th century and was worn almost completely by foot defense force. This helm is absolute with brass points along the base of the brim. While the morion is most connected with the Spanish conquistadores in the New World, it was actually very popular as a helmet for pikemen and soldiers throughout the rest of Europe.

It is made of hand-forged 18 gauge steel polished. We are poineer manufacturers exporters and wholesales suppliers of Comb Morion Helmets in India.

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