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Roman Centurian DLX Helmet
Roman Centurian DLX Helmet
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Product Code: HL1014

Name: Roman Centurian DLX Helmet






HL1014 - Roman Centurian DLX Helmet

The Roman legion was separated into smaller units called centuries. A centurion was in command of a century, which consisted of 80 men. Though century means 100, it is widely accepted that the Roman legion used 80 for this size of unit. The centurion was a battle hardened leader, often raised from the ranks of the legion troopers themselves, or else a wealthy senator who found favor with the emperor.

Our replica is superb and made of 18-gauge High Carbon mild steel complete with real C-854 brass accents and fittings. This piece is fully wearable or can be put on display.


Weight: 5 lbs.
Material: 18-gauge High Carbon Mild Steel and C-854 Brass
High carbon content will let you polish this helmet to a glossy shine
Feaures a genuine multicolored plume
The cheek guard is hinged and fully adjustable
The brow guard is fully adjustable

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