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Sailor Pants
Sailor Pants
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Product Code: C1078

Name: Sailor Pants

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C1078 - Sailor Pants

One of the worlds most unique designs that role down your waist line. It is time to bring the stripes back again. Made from 100 % Cotton, these pants are offered in three color combination. Elasticated waist will make sure that you are ready for the show in a jiffy. This design is a typical and best mentioned pirate design, reminding you of an easier time with the smell of rum all around you.

Creations by histories’ finest pirates have become reality again. Now it is your turn to prove how much you love ‘em messy men. We all have a desire to be in that place, where we can loudly say those words, I am a Pirate, Are you savvy? Aye Sailor.

It been a dream till now but now it is reality...
Our Products are miraculous and that is our specialty...
Time is here to be different... Time is here prove ‘em wrong...
Time is here to stand tall for yourself and hit your morality...

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