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Sidestring Striped Pants
Sidestring Striped Pants
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Product Code: C1082

Name: Sidestring Striped Pants

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C1082 - Sidestring Striped Pants

Cotton has always been the fabric of choice for Period clothing. We believe that cloths should breathe; and specially when designed for pirates. This pair of pants needs no introduction as the fabric speaks for itself. It has lace on the side which provides an attitude to the product and the quality elastic waist makes sure that you are ready before your ship leaves the port.

A combination of these pants with the best suited line of shirts, desires for more than a lifetime to cherish its true spirit. It is fascinating how pirate wear has always been part of our adventures, in this lifetime and before.
We think about adventure... We think pirate...
We learn the tricks of a Pirate...
Seeing is believing as I have been told...
Why don’t you start looking like a pirate...

Take ‘em pants and put ‘em on... Aye!

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