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Captain Clegg Striped Pants
Captain Clegg Striped Pants
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Product Code: C1088

Name: Captain Clegg Striped Pants

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C1088 - Captain Clegg Striped Pants

Made with 100 % cotton, these pants have very classical finishing & take you very close to the pirate mind. It has a zig-zag design at hem which gives it a very unique and un-social outlook specially designed to warn and differentiate. With true pirate styling in long striped design, this product comes with elastic at the waist for easier and fast use.

Not every designer can think of the style which can lead generations like this product. It has a very unique and easy style telling the tales of outrageous thinking of pirates & their adventures on the sea.

Perfect colors to wear and elastic at waist...
This product gives you personality of a pirate with a different taste...
The style so easy to follow and zig-zag at the hemů
It is a brilliant piece of work from top to bottom.

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