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Plus Size Half Cape Medieval Shirt
Plus Size Half Cape Medieval Shirt
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Product Code: C1091

Name: Plus Size Half Cape Medieval Shirt

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C1091 - Plus Size Half Cape Medieval Shirt

This product has a charisma attached to it, made with super quality fabric known as rayon viscose which moves on your body. Like a boat on water, it has a cape style follow up on shoulders, covering your front & back shoulders. Frill on cuff and in front takes you back to the medieval times, remembering the lands of knights & nobles.

The idea of bringing these clothes alive came from the desire to learn about the time when clothes had an important role to play in people’s life. It was not only a mode to cover up your body but to show your power and creativity, which gave us some of the brilliant designs; like this product.

This shirt is a brilliant piece of Middle Ages observation…
Cape on shoulders is a classical creation…
We pledge to provide you with one of the best design of Middle Ages…
Buying this product could be your gratitude and salutation…

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