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Plus Size Noble's Medieval Shirt
Plus Size Noble
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Product Code: C1098

Name: Plus Size Noble's Medieval Shirt

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C1098 - Plus Size Noble's Medieval Shirt

Made from Rayon Viscose fabric, this shirt has been designed to enhance your personality by its excellent finishing and color coding. Frill on cuff and in front of the shirt are trademarks of the most famous medieval designs. The standing half collar blends well with the superior and posh look of the shirt.

People heard a lot of stories and tell millions of tales about medieval times. It is also said that standing collar style was introduced to impose your superiority upon your opponents. But why believe in stories when you can find out yourself…..

Standing tall and staunch, like king of the world….
All dressed up in good old medieval style shirt…
I have frills to impress on cuff and in front…
I feel like part of the stories… stories that I have heard for ages.

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