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Plus Size Cap'n Quincy Shirt
Plus Size Cap
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Product Code: C1099

Name: Plus Size Cap'n Quincy Shirt

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C1099 - Plus Size Cap'n Quincy Shirt

This product is made from fine rayon viscose fabric; and has a special sleeve design; with the sleeves resting on the wrist and creating a fluffy look near the cuff. The 5-button cuff tightens up the borderline, to give enough space for sleeves to hang freely. But that’s not all; the shirt also has drawstring and eyelets in front, which indeed was very famous style among pirates.

Clothes that have soul of its own …
The fame and obsessions of pirates are very well known…
We know that only thing a pirate desires is treasure…
But what a pirate uses to wear becomes a treasure of its own…

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