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Plus Size Warriors Medieval Shirt
Plus Size Warriors Medieval Shirt
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Product Code: C1100

Name: Plus Size Warriors Medieval Shirt

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C1100 - Plus Size Warriors Medieval Shirt

This product is tailored with 100 % cotton to increase the comfort & give an authentic "period" feel. Use it as an inner under a vest or a coat; or wear it independently. It has a very sophisticated round collar neck with half front opening; giving it a medieval impression and charm.

An era of world with the best clothing styles is behind us; medieval times have left an unforgettable impression on our present wearing style. This shirt is to make sure that we can live that era & re-unite with our inner self again.

Design that was cherished in middle ages…
It steered the dressing style on all stages…
We present you one of the worlds finest clothing…
Appreciation of this product overwhelmed by the praises…

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