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Plus Size Francis Drake Pirate Shirt
Plus Size Francis Drake Pirate Shirt
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Product Code: C1108

Name: Plus Size Francis Drake Pirate Shirt

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C1108 - Plus Size Francis Drake Pirate Shirt

This shirt is one of the closest images of pirate clothing style, not only because of the super quality fabric rayon viscose which we use for this shirt, but also the sensible ruffled frill below the shoulder seam; which covers a very noticeable area in front of the shirt. It gives a very desirable pirate look and attitude which can only be defined by the fine finishing of ruffled cuff.

Pirate clothing is not a new concept, but the range we have in our store is specially chosen and one of the most desired style by pirates. We have shrewdly observed the taste of pirate and brought you one of the best collections from the pirate heritage.

Time has come to rise again and show everyone what you really are…
Pirates desire everything and reality of owning it… is not far…
Wear the truth which is hidden inside you…
Our intentions are as clear as sky ahead and our heart is solid mortar.

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