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Golden Noble Vest
Golden Noble Vest
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Product Code: C1111

Name: Golden Noble Vest

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C1111 - Golden Noble Vest

Vest has always been there as a well versed fashion statement. We bring you a vest made of rayon viscose, with fully functional golden buttons and full length front opening. This sleeveless vest will take you back to the medieval times, reminding of the nobles and lords exhibiting them.

The definition of fashion never stays the same & changes as we move from generation to generation. A vest adds charm to any age; kids look sophisticated & teenagers enhance their style. Used as a sign of simple and high thinking by the grown-ups of the society, a vest has the charm to always remain the style statement of the times.

No one clearly remembers when a vest was first designed... But its always been on the top of the chart… as the style enchanted... No matter what age or culture you belong to... You’ll always find the vest at the pinnacle of style...

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