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Plus Size Early Renaissance Shirt
Plus Size Early Renaissance Shirt
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Product Code: C1116

Name: Plus Size Early Renaissance Shirt

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C1116 - Plus Size Early Renaissance Shirt

Made from durable & comfortable rayon viscose fabric, this shirt has been designed to take you back in the history to learn, admire and feel the moments of renaissance times. We decorated the shirt with ruffled collar around V- shaped neck to add extra blend of stylish charm. The elasticized cuffs make it easy & comfortable to use.

Beauty of this shirt lets you admire and replenish the world of Middle Ages. Creating a clear image of the shirts which were famous in those days, we have created a blend of authenticity with modern world sensibilities.

If we can turn back time… we’ll choose to head to renaissance times… The good old days when style was invented and creativity didn’t cost a dime… This product was a much admired piece of work in those days too… It can be worn with anything & every thing… it is like a poem which perfectly rhyme.

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Early Renaissance Shirt

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