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Flower Embroidery Smock
Flower Embroidery Smock
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Product Code: C1115

Name: Flower Embroidery Smock


Dull Gold


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C1115 - Flower Embroidery Smock

A smock was traditionally worn by village workers, like shepherds and Waggoner’s. However, this smock made from Linen blend fabric nets a different story. The rich & intrinsic embroidery around the neck and on sleeves speaks for itself while the collar creates an extension to its charm and gives it a very medieval look.

A beautiful side cut and standing collar makes it a very desirable medieval outfit. Famous among shepherds and Waggoner’s for its comfort, the nobles love this smock for the beautiful & royal look.

A code of conduct which is followed with a tradition… Designed to comfort and destined to leave a positive impression… This product is finished with an outstanding work of embroidery… With our superb quality & design … we don’t need any other persuasion.

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