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Brunton Stand Compass, Leather Case (3.5 inch)
Brunton Stand Compass, Leather Case (3.5 inch)
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Product Code: CO1003

Name: Brunton Stand Compass, Leather Case (3.5 inch)

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CO1003 - Brunton Stand Compass, Leather Case (3.5 inch)

A heavy solid brass reproduction of an antique stand surveying compass.  The compass is mounted on a stand with three independently adjustable feet and is free to rotate in azimuth on the stand. 

There is an adjustable spirit level on the side of the compass.  A mirror is located on the inside of the lid with a vertical line inscribed for use as both a rear sight, as well as to assist in reading the heading.  The front sight has a magnifying lens built into it, which can also be used to read the compass heading.  When the compass lid is closed, it moves a needle lift mechanism that protects the jewel bearing while the compass is being transported. 

This compass measures 3.5 inches.

In practice, the spirit level is calibrated by setting the compass on a relatively level surface and adjusting the spirit level until the bubble reads the same distance from centre when the compass is rotated 180-degrees on its stand.  With the spirit level calibrated, the three threaded feet are adjusted so that the spirit level is cantered for any azimuth.  When an object is sighted through the sights, the main compass rose determines its magnetic heading, and its heading with respect to true north can be read from the outer azimuth ring.

Designed for Decoration/ Display Purpose only. Not Intended for Practical Use.
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