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British Captain Brass Sextant with Hardwood Case
British Captain Brass Sextant with Hardwood Case
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Product Code: SX1002

Name: British Captain Brass Sextant with Hardwood Case

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SX1002 - British Captain Brass Sextant with Hardwood Case

A premium quality Captains sextant is a beautiful full-scale reproduction of the British Captains 6-inch radius vernier readout brass nautical sextant. Each sextant is expertly crafted from solid brass and has an accurately divided German Silver scale, and a gear driven slow motion control for making small adjustments to the index arm.

A powerful magnifier can be swung into position to assist in reading the vernier scale.  The sextants telescope has polished glass lenses and produces a sharp magnified image.  The index mirror has three recessed adjustments.  There are six tinted swing-arm filters with heavy brass filter mounts. 

The sextant comes with a beautiful felt-lined hardwood case.

The sextant is 5 inch deep is fully functional, however it does not come with a certificate of calibration and is not intended for navigation.

Designed for Decoration/ Display Purpose only. Not Intended for Practical Use.
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