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Antique Sundial Compass (with Wooden Box)
Antique Sundial Compass (with Wooden Box)
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Product Code: CO1006

Name: Antique Sundial Compass (with Wooden Box)

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CO1006 - Antique Sundial Compass (with Wooden Box)

A beautiful solid brass antique reproduction of a sundial with an internal magnetic compass. The top of the sundial is hinged and a curved scale is used to set your local latitude angle.

The magnetic compass allows the sundial to be oriented North. The compass features a needle lift mechanism to protect the compass jeweled bearing when being transported. There are three adjustable legs that are used to precisely level the sundial. The sun shadow cast by the sundial vane marks the local time.

The top of the sundial can lay down flat, and both the latitude scale and the sundial vane are hinged to lay flat for compact storage.

The sundial is 5 inches in diameter. A beautiful hardwood case is included for display and storage of the brass sundial.

Designed for Decoration/ Display Purpose only. Not Intended for Practical Use.
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