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Nautical Sextant 4inch with Wooden Box
Nautical Sextant 4inch with Wooden Box
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Product Code: SX1001

Name: Nautical Sextant 4inch with Wooden Box

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SX1001 - Nautical Sextant 4inch with Wooden Box

This 4-inch (15 cm) sextant is perfect for the collector or the beginner interested in learning celestial navigation.  The sextant has a slow motion control to permit precise adjustment of the elevation angle.  To assist in reading the German Silver vernier scale, a built-in magnifier can be swung into position, and there are six swing-arm filters.  A beautiful handcrafted hardwood storage and display box with brass plaque is included with the sextant.

Designed for Decoration/ Display Purpose only. Not Intended for Practical Use.
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