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Captain Easton Coat
Captain Easton Coat
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Product Code: C1022

Name: Captain Easton Coat

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C1022 - Captain Easton Coat

Captain Peter Easton was a notorious pirate in the year 1610. He was supposed to be the most powerful pirate in the Western Hemisphere with thousands of men in his crew. Previously, he was commissioned by Queen Elizabeth I of England for enforcing the British peace among several lawless fishermen.

The fully decorated coat made from Cotton Velvet exhibits the eminence of the pirates. It is best suited for any pirate costume. Golden lace has been used to make it the perfect choice of the connoisseurs. Fully functional golden buttons on wine-colored velvet creates magnificence. Both the pockets are fully functional & have been decorated with buttons. The workmanship is supreme & will withstand any number of voyages.

Dare to be the different just like the pirates of the sea. We salute the brave hearts for the examples of bravery they gave us and we always keep the banner fly high. Presenting pirate coat for you where the bravery continues.

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